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Tampa Holiday Mini-Sessions for Families

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

The temperature is finally starting to drop and it no longer feels like the surface of the sun when we walk outside. This makes it the perfect time to schedule a Holiday Mini-Session with your family!

Family of four walking on the beach and smiling at each other

What is a Holiday Mini-Session?

Holiday Mini-Sessions are similar to my full-length sessions but shorter (45 minutes) and have some added perks like digital files!

I love to offer these in the fall for several reasons. First, as I mentioned above, it's no longer miserably hot outside, making it so much more comfortable for everyone involved. Second, for many of my families, the images I create from these sessions are used as holiday gifts for friends and family, which makes it easier to get that gift list crossed off! Another added benefit to offering these every fall is to help the families I "work" with stay on top of getting updated photos of their family. And I love it because I get to see how much their kids have changed!

What is included in the session fee?

Holiday mini-sessions are 45 minutes long and include 1 digital file (with a print release, meaning you can use them for holiday cards or print them yourself at one of my recommended locations (like I offer additional packages that include digital files, gift prints (prints 8x10 and smaller) and albums, as well as several other beautiful print products that are sold a la carte, available for purchase for your home or for gifts for your family.

I'm available for wardrobe consultation prior to the session as well. Finding coordinating outfits to wear for your mini-session shouldn't be overwhelming. If you need a good place to start, start with this blog post and then head over to Pinterest for more ideas!

I'm also available after your session to assist you in narrowing down your favorite images and show you beautiful print products to display them, if you want. Some of my families know exactly what they want to do with their images but some need a little more guidance. I'm happy to help in any way I can.

What does a "typical" holiday mini-session look like?

Every family is different so every session is different!! But here's what stays the same...

We will spend a few minutes getting to know each other by playing a few games. Because I focus on photographing the authentic moments during the session, sometimes my favorite images come from the very first few minutes, since there is a lot of laughing and being silly.

Once everyone is warmed up, I may ask the family I'm photographing to do an activity together. For younger kids, that might include reading a book together or blowing bubbles. This helps little ones (and mom and dad) forget about the camera and just enjoy being together, which creates some truly beautiful images!

There are several locations I like to use for my mini-sessions throughout the Tampa Bay area, including downtown Tampa, Cypress Point Park, Hyde Park and this beautiful green space in Odessa, but I'm always open to trying new places with the families I work with so don't be shy about asking if you have a place you love!

How much of my family can I include in a Holiday Mini-Session?

Because of the shorter time constraint, holiday mini-sessions work best with a smaller number, which usually means mom and/or dad and the kids. If you want to include grandma and grandpa or your sister and her family, I have other sessions that I offer year-round and would love to accommodate everyone with one of those sessions. Larger groups take more time and I want to make sure we aren't rushing through the session. More information about my other sessions can be found HERE.

Grid of nine images with families hugging and smiling

What do I need to do to schedule a Holiday Mini-Session?

Check out my website first! I want to make sure we have the same vision for your session. My style is primarily lifestyle photography, which means that most of your images won't be posed, with everyone looking at the camera. I do try to include a few of those images in the session since that's what the grandparents usually prefer but most of the session will be images where you all are focused on each other and not me. My images are more emotional and authentic than traditional portrait photography so it's really important that you want the same thing. If you have questions or you are ready to schedule your Holiday Mini-Session, I would love to hear from you! For contact information, click HERE!

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