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Scheduling and shooting a photography session can seem overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Let me make it easier for you by answering some of the most common questions I get from clients during the process, from start to finish!


Q. What is a “Lifestyle” photographer??

A. A lifestyle photographer is one who focuses on capturing the natural, authentic moments that occur during a session. These images are more emotion-based and less posed, compared to a portrait photographer’s work. If you're looking for a gallery of posed images, where everyone is looking at the camera, I'm probably not your girl. I do take a few of those every session but the majority of my images are ones where you're focused on each other, not on me. 


Q. I think I may be interested in this type of session. How do I schedule one?

A. First, I encourage you to look through the galleries on my website or visit me at  or  to see my work. It is extremely important to me that you and I have the same vision for your session and that you love the images I create. Once you have done that and are ready to schedule a session, call me at 813.833.4600 and we can find a date and a session that works for you!


Q. What types of sessions do you offer?

A. I offer two types of sessions:

Lifestyle Sessions are typically one to two hours long and can be photographed in the comfort of your own home or at one of your favorite locations, whether it be the beach, the park or some other special place you want to remember. The session fee for Lifestyle Sessions is $150. 

Storyteller Sessions are half-day sessions (lasting 5-6 hours) and are photographed in your home. These sessions capture 'a day in the life' of your family and are a perfect way to remember all of the little things that make up your family's story. The session fee for Storyteller Sessions is $300. 


Digital files and print products are not included in the session fee. 

Q. We scheduled our session…what happens next??

A.  After we decide what type of session you'd like, your session fee will be due within one week to hold your date and time. Once payment has been processed for your session, we will schedule an in-person pre-session consultation, where we will discuss all of the details for your session (including wardrobe) and will get to know each other a little bit.  

We will also discuss where you want your session to take place (either in the comfort of your home or in an another location of your choosing) and what you want to do during your session. I've found it helpful for my clients to prepare several things for the family to do during the session. It can be kite flying or blowing bubbles or reading a book together…the activity itself is not important but rather allows family members to engage with each other naturally. Sessions take place in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg Florida (and surrounding areas). 


We will also discuss what you would like to do with your images. Knowing what your needs are helps me better prepare for the session as well as assists in the artistic editing of the images. Some clients want only prints while some are more interested in albums. Some clients love black and white images while others prefer color. No matter what you are looking for, I offer the highest quality products available.


Q. What do we wear for our session??

A. Whatever you want, as long as it reflects your style! We will discuss options at your pre-session consultation but I can also be available for additional help, either over the phone or through texts. Many of my clients like to put together wardrobes for their session and text pictures of them to me for my feedback, which has become a very easy and fun way to help with choosing outfits for their sessions!


Q. How does a typical session go??

A. There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ session but most of them work this way. Before I begin shooting, I like to spend a few minutes re-aquainting with you and your children. Meeting new people can be intimidating for some kids and I want you and your little people to be as comfortable as possible. Once everyone has warmed up a little, we will focus on getting a few shots of the family all together in a more traditional, posed setting, with tickles and jokes to relax everyone. We then move on to the activities that you will bring with you for your family to do during your session. Toward the end, when everyone is winding down, I will take each of your little people aside for some one-on-one time with me. This allows them to be themselves and helps me to capture them in the most natural way.


Q. What happens after our session??

A. After your session, I will be hard at work, narrowing down my favorites and preparing your images for your gallery. Once I am finished editing your images and have prepared your gallery slideshow, we will schedule a time to meet where you will watch your slideshow of images. After viewing your images, we will go back through your gallery again, choosing your favorites and deciding what you want to do with each image. Once products have been ordered, it usually takes between four and six weeks for them to be ready.


Scheduling and preparing for a photography session shouldn’t be a daunting task!! Call me today to find out how stress-free, easy (and fun!) it can be!

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