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Capturing the "Little Things"

Updated: Mar 18

You've heard the expression "it's the little things that matter". We often reference it when talking about small things that we do every day that can lead to a big impact overall, such as choosing kindness or courage in a million little ways.

To a photographer, this has a visual component as well. The little things are such a big part of your family's story and capturing them is really important.

Sometimes it's a favorite dress or a lovey or another toy that your child never puts down.

Little girls laying in bed with her lovey

Sometimes it's an expression that so perfectly fits your child that you never want to forget it.

I was really diligent about capturing those things with my girls as they were growing up but as they've gotten older, the opportunities to photograph something that is so uniquely them have been harder to come by.

Dancing little girl wearing a birthday hat and slippers

One of my girls is a dancer. She's literally been dancing since she learned to walk, mostly to music inside her own head.

When she started taking ballet in second grade, she came home from her first lesson telling me how she was going to dance 'en pointe' one day. She worked hard for that goal for several years, taking countless ballet classes weekly and even choosing to go to a middle school where she could take dance there daily. In sixth grade, she finally earned her pointe shoes.

It was hard work. It was painful and because of her arch, she had to work harder to keep from over-extending and injuring herself. But she practiced and stretched and strengthened her ankles. And she became a breathtaking ballet dancer (I know I'm a little biased but she truly was so lovely to watch).

Ballerina en pointe wearing a flowy white dress

I'd taken photographs of her dancing in recitals over the years but had never done a solo dance photo shoot with her before. I guess I thought we would have plenty of time.

But once she left middle school, she decided to take a break from dancing. She wanted to explore other passions of hers and focus on school for a little while. Last weekend, I realized that her pointe shoes might not even fit anymore so I asked her to try them on. And then I asked her if she would let me photograph her dancing in them.

Her pointe shoes are one of the many 'little things' that make up her story. They show her determination and her hard work. The challenges she sets for herself. Her un-ending commitment to seeing a goal through. So while it seems like such a "little thing", it represents so much of who she is and the values she lives by. And that is something I want us both to remember.

Ballerina en pointe dancing on a bridge

Sometimes the 'little things' you want to capture will simply be ways to remember the innocence of childhood...the lovey your baby sleeps with every night or your daughter's favorite dress that she insisted on wearing every day in kindergarten. But maybe they mean something more. Either way, capturing the 'little things' before they're gone is essential because one day you'll wake up and your little girl's pointe shoes will no longer fit.

If you're interested in documenting the 'little things' in your life, I would love to help you! Head over HERE and let's get started....

Ballerina wearing pointe shoes resting on bridge

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